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Tusker beer, produced in Kenya, 5% alcol now available at Africa Prouducts Shop, The Netherlands : The lager we know as Tusker was first brewed in 1922 by two brothers. one of whom was later killed by a rogue elephant – hence its name Tusker. George Hurst, one of the founders of Kenya Breweries Ltd enjoyed hunting, but the tides turned on George on a hunting expedition back in 1923, instead of him killing an elephant, the elephant won the day and killed George. So in memory of George the lager was renamed Tusker and is today the biggest alcoholic brand in Kenya and indeed East Africa. it is brewed using the highest quality malted barley grown in the scenic Kenyan Rift Valley. The beer is produced in Kenya by the East African Breweries Ltd and owned by Diageo. It is now, and has always been the leading beer brand in Kenya .Tusker beer, lager, bier: this lager pours a pale to medium gold and has a white head with decent retention. It is crisp and clean on the nose, with only a note of malt, a touch of clove and a citrusy, almost white beer presence. Upon the palate it is clean as a whistle, refreshing with light-bodied, razor sharp citrus flavours and just a rounding soft touch of malt.