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Nu Qei beschikbaar bij Africa Products Shop Nederland

Meer dan 3500 artikelen! Alle topmerken cosmetica voor vrouwen, mannen en kinderen zijn bij ons te koop. Altijd  minimaal 10% korting bij inkoop vanaf 3 artikelen.

Cosmetics Er zijn geen producten in deze categorie.


  • Top cosmetics

    Onder deze categorie bieden wij de volgende merken: Makari, Qei+, HP26, Oddessum, Otentika, Topicrem, Mustela, etc.

  • For Natural Hair

    These products are produced or  imported from around the world and tested for the following properties: organic, non-corrosive ingredients, nNot tested on animals and FairTrade where applicable and possible.

  • Skin Care

    We have a big variety of skin products, from cleansing and moisturising creams to face washes for all combinations of skin tones and conditions, specially formulated to maintain a healthy complexion.

  • Hair care

    Currently modern covering hair care products from today's leading names: SoftSheen-Carson, Shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments, hair colour, styling aids, tools, fun hair care lines just for kids, and many other. All relaxers, conditioners, moisturizers, etc

  • Kids products

    Relaxers, body oils, glycerins, lotions for a good price

  • Men products

    Africa Products has a big assortiment of men products: from after shave and shaving gel to skin and body creams and many other skin care products are available in different high quality and professional brands.

  • Soaps

    Whitening an exfolianting soaps, baby soap, repair soaps for adults etc.

  • Dred, braids, wigs,...

    Shampoo, Gels, Oils, moisturizers for dred and braids and more are available

  • Make up

    With Mary Kay and Black Opal products you look nice

  • Bathing & Shower gels

    We have a reach assortiment of shampoo's:  Magno, Mekako, etc

  • Sprays & perfums

    Wij hebben lekkere geur voor mannen, vrouwen en jongeren. Ook haar perfume zoals Redist Hair Perfume zijn bij ons te kopen.

  • Lips, Eyes, nails
  • Medical & Hygiene