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  • Salerm products

    Salerm products: Shampoo, hair repair, conditioners etc

  • Mixed Chicks
  • Shea Moisture


    • No Parabens
    • No Phthalates
    • No Paraffin
    • No Formaldehyde
    • No Propylene Glycol
    • No Mineral Oil
    • No Synthetic Fragrance
    • No Petrolatum
    • No Synthetic Color
    • No DEA
    • No Animal Testing
  • Miss Jessie's

    Miss Jessie's

  • Qei+

    Top brand for all kind of skin

  • Patricia Reynier Paris
  • HT26

    Afin de répondre aux besoins spécifiques des peaux noires et métissées, les laboratoires HT26 ont imaginé 5 gammes de produits à base d'extraits végétaux.
    Chacune de ces gammes répond à des besoins précis : hydrater, éclaircir, traiter les taches, ou encore nourrir la peau.

    Les laboratoires HT26 ont mis au point des formules pharmaceutiques respectueuses de l'épiderme.

    Les produits HT26 ne contiennent donc NI hydroquinone NI corticoïdes, ces agents blanchissants dangereux pour la peau.

  • Mustela

    Grâce à son expertise unique de la peau des bébés, Mustela offre à tous les enfants et à leurs mamans des produits hautement sensoriels à l’odeur inimitable, qui font de chaque geste de soin un instant de bien-être. Innovants, sûrs, efficaces et toujours plus naturels, les soins Mustela protègent la peau de votre bébé et l’aident à se construire, jour après jour.

  • Topicrem

    Dermo-cosmetic products for the sensitive skin of babies, children and adults. Available now at Africa Products Shop The Hague, The Netherlands.

  • Oddessum & Tempovate

    The secret ingredient for skin whitening!

    In the 1970‘s, the founder of the Hamburg-based company Medrel, who lived for years in West Africa, came to the idea to develop a whitening product with minimal chemical ingredients.

    He made himself familiar with the African „wisdom and knowledge“tradition in the various regions of the different countries he travelled and lived in. From the experience he gained, he learned to combine mother nature‘s abundant natural substances to archieve an optimal end-product without any harmful chemical ingredients causing damage to our skin.

    Upon his return to Europe, he undertook comprehensive research and studies to further enhance the effectiveness and composition of the whitening product. It was in 1997, where he finally became satisfied with the final result after years of in-depth research and developement.

    Naming the product „ODDESSUM®“ was a natural choice for him, as the word embodied the various names of the natural substances as spoken in the many African languages.

    In 1999, the new brand „ODDESSUM®“ was registered. From this year on, an additional 10 years passed to create a unique mild fragrance and therewith bring the new product to perfection.

    It is today, that we are proud to introduce this new, unique and excellent product which can be best described with the following words: „SECOND TO NONE“.

  • Clear Sensation

    We are a wholesale and retail of all products of Clear Sensation

  • Nutriclair

    We are a distributor and retail of all Nutriclair products in The Netherlands.

  • PR Francoise Bedon

    PR Francoise Bedon

  • Mixed Roots

    Mixed Roots

  • Makari de Suisse

    Hydroquinone-free, creates a beautiful, clean and clear complexion. Makari products are for women who choose the best skincare.  The products of cares assure you a durable and deep rehydration, the attenuation of the wrinkles and dark spots and the renewal of the epidermic cells. Makari Make-up products assure you the silky textures, radiating colors, and application comfort.
    Makari Hand and Body Lotion assure you an excessive and silky hydration, an easy penetration, an effective massing, and a soft and smooth skin.
    Makari Baby products assure you: the best for your infants, a delicate and sensitive protection as well as a soothing hydration.

    Makari' Guarantees: Makari is manufactured in Switzerland, which is known for the most reputable quality products in the world.

  • Klaris de Suisse
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