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Red One Aqua Wax Full Force Red 150 ml


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Red One Aqua Wax Full Force Red 150 ml: Style force. Perfect formula enriched with vitamins for your hair to create natural and long-lasting styles. Clay content makes your hair look mat and natural. Oiliness and hardening does not occur on your hair. It can be easily removed by combing.

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Red One Aqua Wax Full Force Red 150 ml: Perfect formula for your hair to create long-lasting styles. Formula enriched with vitamins that it contains, allows you to maintain the desired shape for a long time. Your hair looks shiny and good looking. Oiliness and hardening does not occur on your hair. It can be easily removed by combing.

Red one Aqua Wax is the best hairstyle for any situation!

Different types of hair wax will change your look and style expression. With wax, you can arrange your hair into a classic look for a formal occasion, make it catchy when going out for fun, or give it that natural look to fit into any casual atmosphere.

Quick styling is easier than you think with Red One Aqua Hairwax

Wax is so easy to use that it makes everyday styling possible. It has a strong setting power and flexible movability allowing you to easily create your desired look. Wax is simple to apply even for beginners and so-called "lazy" people.

Your look is always changing with Red One Aqua Hairwax!

Hair wax won't harden like gel or mousse so you can get a more elaborate look that will last longer. And now without the stiffness, you can even restyle your hair after only applying the wax once. This means you can easily rearrange your hairstyle to match all situations throughout the day
You are unique, so stand out amongst the rest!

Wax's strong setting power allows you to arrange common hairstyles into something of your own creation. Your look has never been more easy to change. Stand out amongst the surrounding fellows with a unique hairstyle and discover a new person within yourself!

Red One Aqua Wax: a hairstyle that never loses its shape!

Different from gel, wax enables you to restyle your hair without reapplying product or washing. If your hairstyle loses its shape during a date, just pinch and twist your hair to reactivate the power setting. Never have a hairstyle flop again! "How does wax enable restyling?"
Wax can be used for all hair lengths!Hair wax products can be used on various hair textures and lengths of hair, whether short, medium or long. A single product from the GATSBY MOVING RUBBER Hair Wax series can work for a wide variety of hair types and lengths.

Advantages of using Red one Aqua Hairwax

  • Great for all hair lengths, from very short, medium, to very long.
  • Allows restyling of hair.• Good at making detailed expression and accentuating the hairstyle
  • Can be used all over the hair, or just on points here and there.
  • Can give both hard and soft hair a spiky look (by modifying the amount of wax to be used).
  • Hairstyle lasts longer with use of hairspray at the finishing.

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